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Christ Versus Satan in Our Daily Lives: The Cosmic Struggle Between Good and Evil

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Spiritual writer, theologian, and philosopher Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., tackles the topic of recognizing and overcoming spiritual evil. His focus is the human heart. His goal: our spiritual and moral transformation, which leads to true peace and genuine happiness.

The book is divided into two main parts: (1) the realities of God's goodness and of spiritual evil, and (2) recognizing and overcoming the diabolical tactics of deception, temptation, and sin. The author synthesizes the best advice given by Catholic spiritual masters throughout the ages and gives a practical guide to implementing it in our busy lives.

Father Spitzer provides the biblical and theological background of Jesus' victory over evil. He also explores the reality of the devil, including extraordinary manifestations of diabolic activity such as possession. With insights from modern psychology, he shows how prayer can transform the subconscious psyche, making us better able to resist temptation, detach from the world, and grow in holiness.

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Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J
Softcover, 425 pgs
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    No Stone Left Unturned

    Posted by Paul Curry on Jul 7th 2022

    This is a thorough commentary on all the different methods that demonic entities take a hold of our lives and what we can do to deter them. It is very academic in nature and some chapters make for easier reading than others, so this is not a book for the casual reader. There is certainly a lot to be learned from this book, but Fr Spitzer often refers to his other books that link up with this one. I haven't read any of his other books but I do not think they are essential reading in order to learn from the one. It just gets a little repetitive at times when he often refers to the other books.

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