Dialoguing With Protestants Survival Kit

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Dialoguing with Protestants can be difficult, but with this handy Survival Kit on your bookshelf you'll be able to answer the tough questions.

  • Meeting the Protestant Challenge: Karlo Broussard gives you the knowledge and tools you need to answer fifty of the most common Bible-based objections to Catholicism.
  • The Protestant's Dilemma: Devin Rose examines over thirty Protestant claims, showing with solid evidence, compelling reason, and gentle humor how the major tenets of Protestantism—if honestly pursued to their furthest extent—wind up in dead ends of absurdity.
  • With One Accord: Douglas Beaumont takes a different apologetic approach: working for accord with Protestants by reasoning from the things they already believe and do. Using principles that orthodox, Bible-believing Protestants broadly affirm, he arrives at particulars of Catholic belief—showing that in many cases the division isn’t as wide or deep as we thought.
  • Prepare the Way: Karlo Broussard gives you not just evidence and arguments but step-by step strategies, based on asking the right questions, that you can use—along with prayer and gentle charity—to help them overcome obstacles and make a straight path for the Lord.
  • The Essential Catholic Survival Guide: It's the essence of Catholic apologetics—all rolled up into one attractive, easy-to-use manual that has gained a reputation as the most effective tool of its kind.
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