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Goodbye Religious Liberty: How the Attacks on Marriage Are Threatening Your Religious Freedom (MP3)

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Divorce. Contraception. Abortion. What’s next out of the gate for the Culture of Death? Nothing less than the end of society as we know it.

The threat of legal same-sex unions seeks to appropriate the term “marriage”—and in so doing make it mean anything to anyone, and thereby nothing to everyone. But there is good news from the battle front.

In this timely audio series, Goodbye Religious Liberty: How the Attacks on Marriage Are Threatening Your Religious Freedom, Catholic Answers’ speaker and renowned lawyer Charles LiMandri brings his finely honed legal mind to engage the issue of same-sex “marriage.”

Combining excellent legal skills with a knowledgeable and timely grasp of the issue as it is currently playing out in the courts, in politics, and in education, LiMandri’s three 45-minute talks offer a clear path to the truth on such matters as:

  • How the homosexual agenda is manipulating local, state, and constitutional law,
  • What part the schools—public and private—are playing in pushing this same agenda,
  • Why the Church cannot—and will not—be silent on this issue,
  • How even secular experts on marriage are looking at same-sex unions as nothing short of social cataclysm,
  • The history and progress of the homosexual agenda—and why legalizing same-sex “marriage” is the ultimate endgame,
  • and What you can do to make sure this agenda fails—not for now, not for a little bit, but permanently!

Mr. LiMandri knows how to read the legalese behind same-sex “marriage” issues, and in Good-bye Religious Liberty, he reveals the current attack on marriage for what it is—a threat to religious and personal freedoms, and the possible end of culture and society as we know it.

With Good-bye Religious Liberty, Mr. LiMandri has the playbook that will give you the score on where to go and what to do to bring the fight to the opposition.

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MP3, 180 minutes
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