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Your Truth, My Truth: How to Understand and Refute Relativistic Thinking (MP3)

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“It may be true for you, but not for me.”

How often have you heard this during a discussion with friends or family, or maybe in an online debate?

Whether you’re talking about faith, morality, politics, or just the basic notion of truth, it seems that so many people are captive to the notion of relativism—the belief that reality is something we decide rather than discover.

In Your Truth, My Truth, Catholic Answers apologist Karlo Broussard breaks down this modern intellectual cancer that has infected schools, courts, and even churches throughout the Western world.

He examines the different kinds of relativism that most of us regularly encounter, explaining the arguments made by their proponents and showing you how to refute them. And he demonstrates how, ultimately, all these forms of relativism collapse under the weight of their own incoherence.

Most importantly, Karlo then makes a powerful case for the existence of objective truth. He shows you how to explain to others that true and false, right and wrong are both real and universal, because they are rooted in the nature of the way things are—a nature that is knowable by everyone, because it was designed that way by God.

The good news, Karlo points out, is that most people already know this to some degree, even if they don’t realize it. Listen to Your Truth, My Truth and learn how to help them more fully understand the beauty of the truth we all share.

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MP3, 71 minutes
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