Holy Family with St. Christopher Keychain

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This premium Catholic keychain features an intimate portrait of the Holy Family on one side, and the other side depicts a famous scene from the life of St. Christopher. If you or someone you love travels often, this St. Christopher keychain is a great way to take your faith with you and invoke the patronage of this great saint!

The name Christopher means “Christ-bearer”, but he may have originally been named Reprobus or Menas. Legend has it that the saint was a very large man and that he put this great height and strength at the service of the greatest king he could—God!

His primary ministry was helping travelers across a dangerous river. One day he was approached by a child who requested help in crossing. Midway across the river, the child grew so heavy that St. Christopher could hardly take another step! The child then revealed that he was Christ and in carrying him, Christopher carried the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. This experience changed his life forever. Christopher spent the rest of his life spreading the Good News about Christ, and he was eventually martyred for his faith.

Product Details

  • 25” (3” long including keyring)
  • Nickel
  • Sturdy Italian metalwork
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