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Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain? (MP3)

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For a long time, Christopher Columbus enjoyed a positive—if slightly simplistic—reputation in our national culture. Even if he didn’t exactly “discover America,” we still revered him as a key figure in a critical period of Western history.

Today, they’re toppling his statues and cursing his name in town squares across the country. Even many Catholic institutions are quietly hiding their monuments to this former hero now branded an “imperialist oppressor,” the arch-villain of woke revisionist history.

Can we save Columbus’s memory before it’s completely erased?

In the audio presentation Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain, Catholic Answers president Christopher Check cuts through the calumnies and reveals the full (and laudable) facts about Columbus: his virtues and failings, his actions and aims, and the immense, almost incomparable significance of his efforts to bring Christian civilization to the New World.


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MP3, 70 minutes
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