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How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard: Forty Tips for Faithful College Students

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A Harvard graduate, Rhodes Scholar, and devout Catholic tells you everything you need to know about keeping your faith at a modern university.

In How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard, Aurora Griffin draws on her recent experience, and shares forty practical tips relating to academics, community, prayer, and service that helped her stay Catholic in college.

She reminds us that keeping the faith is a conscious decision, reinforced by commitment to daily practices. Aurora’s story illustrates that when you decide your faith matters to you, no one can take it away, even in the most secular environments and under strong peer pressure. Throughout the book, she shows how being Catholic in college did not prevent her from having a full “college experience,” but actually enabled her to make the most of her time at Harvard.

Aurora encourages students who are about to begin this formative journey, or those now in college, that the most valuable parts of college life -- lasting friendships, intellectual growth, and cherished memories -- are experienced in a more meaningful way when lived in and through the Catholic faith.

"The best way to keep your faith, at any college, is to read this book." —Peter Kreeft, Ph.D, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

"Those who go to college without a plan are likely to lose the greatest legacy their parents have given them. Aurora Griffin has given us that plan. And if it can work at Harvard, it can work anywhere. This book is an answer to many, many prayers." —Scott Hahn, Ph.D, Author, Rome Sweet Home

"Miss Griffin engages her readers, not as an advisor who knows all, but as a peer who has just experienced college as a faithful Catholic. She insists on the importance of community and friendship in walking with Christ, as well as personal engagement with Scripture and the Sacraments. This book is a shining example of what the next generation of leaders can do to further the work of the new evangelization. Please read this book and join her." —Curtis Martin, President, FOCUS

"Pure gold. In her warm, but practical style, Miss Griffin makes every one of her forty points crystal-clear and down to earth. She shows how a living faith is not a tablet of beliefs and commands, but  a more joyful life to be lived. She gets it." —Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research


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Aurora Catherine Griffin
Softcover, 184 pages
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