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Last Call: The Catholic Teaching On Death-Judgement-Heaven-Hell (MP3)

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Are You Ready for the Last Things?

If you’d like to live a better Christian life, be stronger in the face of temptation, and prepare your soul for heaven, then it’s crucial that you regularly meditate on the Four Last Things: death, judgment, heaven and hell.

The Church has long recommended the practice. Yet most people—including most Catholics—spend more time each day primping before a mirror than they do contemplating the fate of their immortal soul. They have fallen prey to what is sometimes said to be Satan’s most effective weapon: the idea that there is no hurry.

For the sake of your soul—and the souls of your loved ones—you simply can’t afford to be one of those Catholics. For as St. Francis de Sales says, “this only is certain, that die we must, and that for the most part sooner than we expect.” In other words, you simply don’t know when your soul will be “required” of you. Yet it’s crucial that you be prepared when that day comes.

Last Call: The Catholic Teaching On Death-Judgment-Heaven-Hell, from Catholic Answers Director of Apologetics Tim Staples is designed to help you better understand and meditate on the Four Last Things—and to enjoy the many spiritual fruits that such meditation brings.

Staples reveals the crucial scriptures you need to understand, think about, and share with your friends and loved ones. And as these scriptures seep into your soul...

  • You’ll find yourself on a closer walk with Christ...
  • You’ll put your earthly challenges in the proper perspective as you improve your focus on what’s really important...
  • You’ll be better prepared for that fateful day when you meet Christ face to face.
  • And that’s not all.

You’ll also be treated to important and valuable insights on a variety of related topics, including purgatory, limbo, the existence of God, mortal and venial sin, salvation, the resurrection, the Second Coming of Christ and even the Rapture.

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    Last Call

    Posted by Alex on Apr 18th 2020

    As usual with the talks of Tim Staples, his enthusiasm for the Catholic Faith as based on the Bible shows. I was very much enlightened with the true and Catholic take on the Last Things.

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