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Memorize The Reasons! Defending the Faith With the Catholic Art of Memory (Digital)

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In his bestseller Memorize the Faith!, Kevin Vost rediscovered a memory method invented by the ancient Greeks and perfected by medieval scholars, and showed twenty-first-century Catholics how to use it to recall everything from the Ten Commandments to the Seven Deadly Sins.

Now, in Memorize the Reasons!, Dr. Vost shows you how to remember information you need to explain and defend the Faith.

St. Peter urges us always to be ready to give reasons for the hope that is within us (1 Pet. 3:15). But it’s hard to give a good account of those reasons when we have trouble remembering the details. All too often we may vaguely remember an argument, or a Scripture passage, or a reference from the Church Fathers in support of a Catholic teaching, but when we’re challenged by non-Catholics—who always seem to be able to quote chapter and verse—we stumble, and later think regretfully of what we might have said.

Has that happened to you?

The powerful mnemonic techniques found in Memorize the Reasons! will make sure it never happens again. In simple steps that even children can master, Dr. Vost teaches you how to build “memory cathedrals” inside your mind, and to fill them with vibrant images that will instantly recall reasons for the papacy and Church authority, for Catholic beliefs about the Blessed Virgin Mary, for Sacred Tradition (and against sola scriptura), and more!

Best of all, this method is infinitely flexible. Your memory cathedral can be filled and re-filled with solid reasons for any and every Catholic belief—locked in and ready to answer any challenge. Do want to be always prepared to explain and defend the Faith? Read Memorize the Reasons! today and never again be left wondering what you might have said.

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    Another Perfect Place (Book) to Start Learning

    Posted by Jerome Carrillo on Sep 4th 2021

    As my Catholic Answers books started to grow, I found this one as a must-have. In fact, I decided to read this one first before any other books (except the holy bible) for one reason: I wanted to make sure that all the invaluable information that I can learn from my apologetic books will be properly digested. And this is really helpful! And the best thing is that it is not only applicable to apologetics, for you can also apply it anywhere that needs memorization! P.S. I ended up buying the physical copy (as always) because I need this one in my collection.

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