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Positively Medieval: The Surprising, Dynamic, Heroic Church of the Middle Ages

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Discover the Bible-believing, Jesus-centered, morally pure Christianity of the Middle Ages

Superstitious peasants and relic-hawking clergy if this says Medieval Christianity to you, then think again.

Not only were those years filled with dynamic Catholic leaders and thinkers, but they flourished in times very like our own: an increasingly secular culture hostile to Christianity, threats to religious liberty, scandal in the Church, cultural degradation and more.

In Positively Medieval you ll encounter some of the leading figures of the time, men and women who not only passed on the torch of Christian faith, but also rebuilt society in the wake of the barbarian invasions. Their energetic response to very dark times will inspire you to meet today s challenges with the same smart, creative, clear-eyed confidence.

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Jamie Blosser
Softcover, 272 pages
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