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Purgatory From the Other Side (MP3)

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To many, the Catholic doctrine of purgatory is one of the Church’s most mysterious and confounding teachings. Fortunately, there are many Bible verses and catechetical lessons that can help us understand better and explain to our non-Catholic friends why it is fitting for souls of the deceased to go through final purification before entering the bliss of heaven.

But we have more than prooftexts and explanations—we have centuries of saintly testimony to the reality of purgatory and what it’s like. In Purgatory from the Other Side, Karlo Broussard (author of Purgatory Is for Real) shares some of these compelling stories of visions of purgatory and interaction between saints and the holy souls.

These are not mere “ghost stories” meant to frighten or raise idle curiosity. No, these accounts strengthen our faith by confirming Church teaching about purgatory (most importantly, about the value of our prayers for the dead!) and filling us with hope in God’s mercy. God will not leave us in our attachment to sin but will allow the rays of his love to remove all the attachments of this world so that we may be happy forever with him in the next.


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Karlo Broussard
MP3, 54 minutes
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