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Surprised by Truth 2

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Since its publication in 1994, Surprised By Truth has touched over 200,000 souls and brought thousands of converts into the Catholic Church.

Now comes Surprised By Truth 2, featuring more eye-opening stories of recent converts from a great variety of backgrounds, including a number of Protestant ministers who were actually won to the Catholic Faith by the first volume of these conversion stories!

Kristine Franklin - Lynn Nordhagen - Marty Barrack - Tim Drake - Mary Beth Kremski

These and many more new Catholics reveal why they changed their minds about their old beliefs and chose to enter the Catholic Church - over Protestantism, New Age paganism, Mormonism, and a host of other modern belief systems.

If you're an honest seeker for truth, you have to grapple with the issues raised here -- issues that could make an eternal difference in your life!

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Edited By:
Patrick Madrid
Softcover, 298 pages
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