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The Bible and the Qur'an

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Just what do Christians need to know about the Qur'an?  In The Bible And The Qur'an Father Jacques Jomier, O.P., has written a scholarly yet readable work that details the profound differences between Christian Scripture and the Islamic sacred texts, differences that are too often glossed over by the mainstream media.  Topics addressed include:

  • Islamic teaching on Jesus and Mary
  • The universal mission of the Muslims
  • Islamic law in relation to other religions.

This book is an absolute necessity for those who wish to understand the highly charged religious elements of the current conflict in the Middle East.

Since 9/11 it has been imperative for Christians to learn more about Islam and it's holy book, the Qur'an. Father Jomier's work provides crucial insights into the Qur'an, its background, and its teachings, without attempting to tackle the full text itself. Readers of father Jomier's work will find themselves in the enviable position of knowing more about Islam's holy book than many Muslims!
-Jimmy Akin , Catholic Answers Apologist

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Fr. Jacques Jomier
Softcover, 144 pages
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