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The Bible Blueprint for the Mass (MP3)

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You go to Mass every Sunday and follow the liturgy, reciting the prayers, the creed, and everything in between, just the way you’ve been taught. But how much do you really know about why we worship the way we worship?

How do you respond when Protestant friends and family put you on the spot and claim that Catholic worship is unbiblical? Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource that gave you all the answers?

Catholic Answers has just such a resource in the audio presentation The Bible Blueprint for the Mass.

Join popular apologist and teacher Karlo Broussard as he takes you on a journey through the scriptural foundations for the highest form of Christian prayer — the Holy Mass. He shows you how the structure of the Mass, its words and gestures, its built-in theology, its heavenly orientation, can be traced to types and models in God’s written Word — to a “Bible blueprint” showing us how to build a perfect temple of praise!

Learn how in the Mass we speak a “biblical language,” echoing (and fulfilling) truths about liturgical worship revealed throughout salvation history. Explore the relationship between the Mass on earth and the worship of the angels and saints in heaven. Drawing heavily from the Book of Revelation, Broussard shows how the Mass is our participation in the “eternal liturgy” taking place before God’s throne.

Discover how Christ’s saving sacrifice, which is the very heart of the Mass, is a thoroughly biblical concept. Far from contradicting biblical teaching that Jesus died “once for all,” the Mass is built firmly on that teaching, and on other Bible truths about the re-presentation of expiatory sacrifice.

Perfect for anyone seeking a deeper appreciation for the liturgy, and a solid Biblical answer to non-Catholics who claim that Catholic worship is unbiblical, The Bible Blueprint for the Mass is sure to enrich your soul and mind, and lead you a little closer to the perfect prayer of heaven.

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MP3, 182 minutes
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