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The Bible Blueprint for the Priesthood (MP3)

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Catholics believe that Christ instituted a ministerial priesthood specially ordained to teach and sanctify his people.

Most Protestants think that the only priesthood—at least the only one taught in the Bible—is the common priesthood made up of all Christians, and so the Catholic idea is just another false “tradition of men.”

Who’s right? Who does the Bible say is right?

In his audio presentation The Bible Blueprint for the Priesthood, apologist and teacher Karlo Broussard plumbs the evidence and presents a compelling case that the Catholic priesthood is in fact biblical to the core.

He shows how Sacred Scripture, beginning with the Old Testament, not only teaches a common priesthood of all believers but reveals a plan for a ministerial, hierarchical priesthood—a holy office instituted by Jesus that carries out its mission in the Church unto this day. That mission has its roots in the Hebrew priesthood, which exercised leadership over the people and offered sacrifices on their behalf.

In this engaging, live, two-disc set you will learn that Jesus did not abandon the form of Old Testament priesthood but elevated and transformed it, giving priests of the New Covenant his own authority to lead, to teach, to forgive sins, and most of all, to stand in his place and re-present the once-for-all sacrifice that he offered on Calvary.

The Church’s ministerial priesthood is an essential part of the plan for salvation. Christ willed it. The Bible teaches it. Listen to The Bible Blueprint for the Priesthood and understand it!

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MP3, 120 minutes
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