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The Gospel Truth About Mary: Part Two (MP3)

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Overwhelming Biblical and Historical Evidence Proves Both Mary's Perpetual Virginity and Her Assumption into Heaven

For most Protestants—and even some Catholics—the Church's teachings about Mary are a mix of superstitious nonsense, idolatry, and blasphemy. However, Catholic apologist Tim Staples—a former "bible-believing fundamentalist" himself—begs to differ.

Staples too once questioned Catholic teaching about Mary—and bashed those teachings at every opportunity. Staples' intensive study uncovered a mountain of evidence to support Catholic teachings about Mary. And now in Part Two of his audio series The Gospel Truth About Mary, he shows that both the perpetual virginity of Mary and her assumption into heaven can be demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt biblically, historically, in the life of the Church, and in the writings of the Church fathers.

In The Gospel Truth About Mary: Part Two, you'll discover:

  • Why Church teachings about Mary are so important—and why rejecting them is not an option for any Christian.
  • Eight reasons the Church teaches Mary's perpetual virginity.
  • How scholarly advances in the collection of historical evidence help make the case for Mary's assumption
  • Proof of Mary's assumption in Revelation 12—and why Protestants deny it.
  • Did Mary die—or was she taken into heaven before death?
  • What the evidence shows and what the Church teaches.

You won't find a better, more comprehensive guide to evidence—both historical and biblical—behind belief in Mary's perpetual virginity and her assumption into heaven than The Gospel Truth About Mary: Part Two.

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MP3, 300 minutes
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