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The Gospel Truth About Mary: Volume 1 (MP3)

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The dogmas proclaiming Mary’s Immaculate Conception and her role as Mother of God may make sense to Catholics, but can they be explained to questioning Protestants? How should a Catholic respond to questions such as these?

  • How can you say that Mary is the Mother of Jesus not just in his humanity but also in his divinity?
  • Isn’t Mary’s motherhood of Jesus limited by her time on earth?
  • Does the Catholic Church believe that Mary didn’t need to be saved? “If any man says he has no sin he is a liar and the truth is not in him” (I John 1:8).
  • How could anyone believe Mary was free from all sin in light of this Scripture passage?
  • How do the names of Mary, such as “Ark of the Covenant” and “the New Eve” indicate her Immaculate Conception?

In the audio presentation The Gospel Truth About Mary: Volume 1, Tim Staples renders a masterful defense of these doctrines by starting with the questions he himself had about Mary as a young Protestant. By examining the Scripture passages often used to disprove Marian dogmas, he shows how Scripture is, in fact, one of the sources from which these dogmas arise.

“The Scripture passages that reveal the truths about the Blessed Mother,” says Staples, “became so obvious and so overwhelming to me that I could no longer deny the truth of the matter.”

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MP3, 300 minutes
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