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The Reunion Of All Christians (MP3)

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Five hundred years ago —the legend goes—a disaffected Augustinian priest nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg Cathedral. The evidence that he actually did the nailing is pretty thin, but Martin Luther’s objections to Catholic teachings concerning purgatory and indulgences set off a series of countless ruptures that the Church suffers to this very day.

The faithful Catholic wants to be God’s instrument in healing these ruptures but may not know where to begin.

For almost four decades, Catholic Answers has been engaging our separated brethren in charity to bring them to the fullness of the truth.

Join us for a lively and inspiring conference designed to help you play an active part in the reunion of all Christians.

Join special guests Steve Weidenkopf, Mark Brumley, Christopher Blum, Devin Rose, along with Cy Kellet, Jimmy Akin, Trent Horn, Karlo Broussard, and Christopher Check for Catholic Answers 2017 Conference, The Reunion of All Christians.

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