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Why Doesn't God Show His Face?: Making Sense of Divine Hiddenness (MP3)

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Making Sense of Divine Hiddenness

We believe that God exists and that he loves us, yet he can feel distant and hidden from our perceptions.

Why doesn’t God make himself visible to us? Or at least make his presence undeniable through signs and wonders? It seems like a God who is all-good would not leave us stumbling the dark, unsure of his existence—especially in times of trial and suffering when we need him most.

The reality of God’s hiddenness can be a cause for struggle in our faith life, and skeptics seize on it to claim that he doesn’t even exist.

But in this audio presentation, Karlo Broussard explains why it’s no reason for despair or doubt.

Using a popular philosophical approach that is thorough and intellectually satisfying yet still accessible, Karlo shows how God’s apparent hiddenness is not contrary to his goodness, but flows from it. The seemingly hidden way he relates to us in this life, teaches us, and yes, reveals himself, is proper to our nature. In that way he trains us to love him in this life and prepare ourselves for the eternal vision of him, face to face, in the next.


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Karlo Brousard
MP3, 2 hours, 4 minutes
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    Awesome Recording

    Posted by Sam Devick on Dec 21st 2021

    I really enjoyed Karlo speaking about the problem of Divine Hiddenness. It cleared up a lot of my difficulties and was very helpful. I would recommend this to anyone struggling with this topic, or just interested in it.

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