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Behold Your Mother (Digital)

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From the cross Jesus gave us his mother to be our mother, too: a singularly holy model, consoler, and intercessor for our spiritual journey.

Yet most Protestants—and too many Catholics—don’t understand the role that God wants her to play in our lives.

In Behold Your Mother, Tim Staples takes you through the Church’s teachings about the Blessed Virgin Mary, showing their firm Scriptural and historical roots and dismantling the objections of those who mistakenly believe that Mary competes for the attention due Christ alone.

Combining the best recent scholarship with a convert’s in-depth knowledge of the arguments, Staples has assembled the most thorough and useful Marian apologetic you’ll find anywhere. He also shows how all the Marian doctrines are relevant—even essential—to a salvific faith in Jesus. From her divine maternity to her perpetual virginity, from her Immaculate Conception to her Assumption, the Church’s core teachings about Mary are intertwined with the mysteries of Christ.

In a word, Mary matters. Read Behold Your Mother and find out just how much.

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eBook, 352 pages
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3 Reviews

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    Behold Your Mother - Tim Staples

    Posted by MatthewJames klump on Jun 20th 2021

    This book should be required reading for serious Catholics to defend Our Blessed Mama Mary's Immaculate Heart and Honor with our catechism and our bible to help our protestant brothers and sisters. Please read this book. Amen

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    e book by Tim Staples

    Posted by Patricia Thedinger on May 12th 2021

    Loved the book, loved the price, loved the convenience! (I still prefer a paper copy, but this worked well.)

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    Excellent Theological Discourse about Mary

    Posted by Todd on Jan 26th 2021

    Mr. Staples does a phenomenal job logically stepping through the Marian Doctrines in an easy-to-follow, hard-to-refute manner.

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