Catholic Answers To America's Crisis (MP3)

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America Is in Crisis! The soul of our nation has been battered by one disaster after another: abortion, homosexual “marriage,” loss of faith, hostility to the Church, and more.

But there are answers to America’s crisis.

This six-talk download gives you a front-row seat at the sold-out, 2013 Catholic Answers Apologetics Conference, with full recordings of its major addresses, including:

  • Karl Keating explains why our civilization is at a turning point—and what will come next.
  • Jimmy Akin tackles the hardest problem of all—why God allows evil in the first place.
  • Tim Staples takes on the problem of moral relativism and the withering effects it has.
  • Chris Check demonstrates why we can’t simply trust politicians to solve the crisis.
  • Trent Horn shows why science is not the ultimate answer to mankind’s problems.
  • Matt Fradd reveals what we must do to fight today’s unprecedented sexual degradation.
  • Bishop James Conley gives the keynote address on the role of beauty in the restoration of Christian culture.

Also included is a special bonus Q&A with the full team of Catholic Answers apologists!

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MP3, 450 minutes
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