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Catholic Answers To Common Objections (MP3)

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In Catholic Answers To Common Objections you and your non-Catholic friends will be staggered by the mountain of scriptural evidence Tim Staples has compiled to prove the truth of even the most controversial Catholic teachings:

  • Why do Catholics call priests "father" when Matthew 23:9 says, "call no man on this earth father, for you have one father in heaven"?
  • How can Catholics claim that a priest can forgive sins when Isaiah 43:25 says God forgives our sins?
  • Why Do Catholics pray to saints when the Bible says we are to pray to God?
  • Why do Catholics fast in public and place ashes on their foreheads during Lent when such practices were condemned by Christ in Matthew 6:16-18?
  • How can Catholics claim that works are necessary for salvation when Romans 3:28 says "For we hold that man is justified by faith apart from works of law"?
  • Isn't it true that the Catholic Church eliminated the Second Commandment, which condemns the use of statues?
  • Why does the Catholic Church oblige worship on Sunday when the Third Commandment says we must keep holy the Sabbath, which is Saturday?
  • And much, much, more...

Perhaps you've been stumped by one or more of these questions over the years. Tim Staples has compiled a plethora of scriptural evidence that will make it easy for you to answer these questions, and many others – clearly, thoroughly and convincingly.

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MP3, 360 minutes
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