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Family Examen: Daily Examen Storybook for Families

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The Family Examen is a beautiful daily practice to reflect upon your life and discover the ways in which God is working. Developed by St. Ignatius roughly 500 years ago, the daily examen helps you discover the presence of God through the love you experienced while also reminding you to take your sins to God for forgiveness.

This version of the daily examen was created specifically for families to use at the end of the day. To do so, simply gather your family and open the book. Then read the prompts on each page. We begin by asking God to remind us that we are in His presence. Then we recall the blessings of our day with gratitude. Next, we list a few ways that we experienced love this day, because God is love. Next, we bring our sins and failing to God and ask for forgiveness. Finally, we ask God to send the gift of Himself, grace, to help us through the day to come.

As you read, take a minute for each person to share one or two things on each of these comments. Many families have found just how powerful it is to sit together and share and listen as others share about the way that they experienced God that day.

The Family Examen ends with a simple prayer.

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