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New Eve, Mediatrix, and Mother (MP3)

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Tim Staples marshals the biblical evidence and reveals the critical importance of Mary’s unique and powerful role in God’s plan of salvation.

Fundamentalists and Evangelicals see Mary as little more than a receptacle for bringing Christ into the world. Catholic Answers’ Director of Apologetics Tim Staples strongly disagrees. As he points out, Mary’s role is unique in all of salvation history—in fact, the most important role ever given to a human being.

In Staples’ audio series New Eve, Mediatrix, and Mother you will discover...

  • What the Church really means in saying that Mary redeemed the human race together with Christ;
  • Why the Church calls Mary the “new Eve”—what it means and why it’s significant;
  • What it means to call Mary “Co-redemptrix,” “Mediatrix,” and “Mother of the Church”:
  • why these titles are important, why they’re so fitting, and why Protestant objections to them simply don’t hold water;
  • How Mary’s role as Mediatrix differs from Christ’s role as Mediator, a critical distinction missed by many of the Church’s critics;
  • And much, much more.

The biblical and historical evidence is clear: Christ and the early Church both acknowledged and taught Mary’s critical part in God’s plan of salvation—a part that’s much larger and more important than even most Catholics know.

In New Eve, Mediatrix, and Mother, you can hear all about Mary’s role, discover why it’s so important, and learn to defend her against Protestant objections and misunderstandings.

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MP3, 194 minutes
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