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Prepare the Way: Overcoming Obstacles to God, the Gospel and the Church (Digital)

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Sharing the gospel with family and friends (or a stranger on the computer screen) can be challenging enough.

When they won’t even hear you out, because of all the mental roadblocks they’ve built up, it’s even harder.

In Prepare the Way, Karlo Broussard helps you tackle that essential first step to apologetics and evangelization: getting people to listen with an open mind.

So many in our culture today are trapped behind mental, moral, and personal obstacles that prevent them from even glimpsing God—or considering the claims of Christ and the Church. They may be earnestly seeking truth but infected with relativism. They may be otherwise open to the Good News but think that Christianity is only for people who reject science and hate women. Or perhaps they might listen to what you have to say about Catholicism—if only that religion wasn’t so full of ignorance and superstition. Even our best witness can bounce right off folks like these if we don’t prepare the way first, breaking down the barriers and leaving minds and souls free to encounter the truth.

So Karlo gives you not just evidence and arguments but step-by step strategies, based on asking the right questions, that you can use—along with prayer and gentle charity—to help them overcome their obstacles and make a straight path for the Lord.

"Many Catholics are confronted by friends and colleagues with objections not only to the Catholic Church and its moral positions, but also to belief in God and Jesus. Karlo Broussard has prepared a handbook of strategies from contemporary and traditional sources for responding to 34 of the most frequently posed challenges to faith. In these clearly articulated, well-argued strategies, Broussard gives incisive responses that help Catholics to substantiate their own faith while preparing them to give reasonable and responsible answers to many authentic and sophistical objections to it. It is a valuable resource to those interested in contemporary apologetics and the new evangelization" - Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., President, Magis Center of Reason and Faith


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Karlo Broussard
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