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The Illustrated Gospels

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A magnificent book in the rich tradition of medieval manuscript illumination.

  • More than 80 illuminations depicting scenes from the life of Christ from Ottonian manuscripts (11th century) and miniatures from artists such as Jean Bourdichon (1457–1521), Simon Bening (1483–1561), Giovanni di Benedetto da Como (1325–1383), and others
  • Artistic direction by Pierre-Marie Dumont, Founding Publisher of MagniFicat
  • Introduction by Fr. Sebastian White, O.P., MagniFicat Editor-in-Chief
  • Richly illustrated deluxe edition offering all four Gospels
  • Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Ignatius edition
  • Hardcover with rounded spine • ivory paper • 2 satin ribbons
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Hardcover, 480 pages
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