The Bible Is a Catholic Book

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Many Protestants call themselves “Bible Christians”—in contrast with Catholics, who ignore the Bible because they have the Church instead.

Too many Catholics have taken this mistaken assumption for granted.

We don’t have to anymore, says Jimmy Akin.

Instead, we should embrace Sacred Scripture—not just as the revealed written word of God but as a thoroughly Catholic work, intimately connected with the Church from the earliest centuries.

In The Bible Is a Catholic Book, Jimmy shows how the Bible cannot exist apart from the Church. In its origins and its formulation, in the truths it contains, in its careful preservation over the centuries and in the prayerful study and elucidation of its mysteries, Scripture is inseparable from Catholicism. This is fitting, since both come from God for our salvation.

If you’re a Catholic who sometimes gets intimidated by the Bible (especially scriptural challenges from Protestants), The Bible Is a Catholic Book will help you better understand and take pride in this gift that God gave the world through the Church. We are the original “Bible Christians”!

And even non-Catholics will appreciate the clear and charitable way that Jimmy explains how the early Church gave us the Bible—and how the Church to this day reveres and obeys it.

“Jimmy Akin’s love for the Bible and his dedication in defending the Catholic faith are evident in his new book titled The Bible is a Catholic Book. With an abundance of facts from history and traditions, he not only presents the Bible as appealing and accessible, but he also demonstrates that the Teachings of the Catholic Church have Sacred Scripture as their base and that it is the Catholic Church that has preserved this treasure for humanity down through the centuries. My hope is that Mr. Akin’s book will ignite among the faithful a greater love and appreciation for the Bible as a primal source of spiritual nourishment and a sure guide for our daily life.” - Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Diocese of Phoenix

“Here is a wonderful history of how God has spoken to us, inspiring both the content and guiding the collection and development of the Sacred Scriptures. Jimmy Akin concisely but thoroughly sets forth the stages of biblical development and history going right back to God's work of creation itself and through the modern period of print and communication. The Bible is indeed a Catholic book. Jimmy beautifully describes the Church’s esteem and love of Sacred Scripture as well as its careful, and costly preservation, along with its authoritative and devoted transmission by the Catholic Church, without which we simply would not have the Bible today. Here is a great introduction to any study of Scripture.”  - Rev. Msgr Charles Pope, Holy Comforter - St Cyprian Parish

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Jimmy Akin
Softcover, 192 pages
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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent book

    Posted by RACHEL FISHER on Nov 12th 2021

    Jimmy explains very charitably and clearly how the Bible as we know it came into being. I read this as an ebook but recently bought as an audiobook as well since I enjoyed it so much. My husband, who is in RCIA, is working his way through it now.

  • 4
    My Lapsed Catholic View of Book

    Posted by Art Pare on Nov 6th 2021

    After hearing Jimmy Akin on the radio multiple times, I expected his 2019 book, The Bible is A Catholic Book, to be well researched, easy to understand, and interesting. I was not disappointed, As expected however, Akin passively argues against sola scriptura from the very beginning. He (properly) places the Bible as part of the diverse revelations of Creator God. Akin guides us through brief discussions of many topics including oral tradition, the Hebrew language, cultural customs, open and closed canons, and many others. Mr. Akin then successfully places the Bible as we know it today in a place of prominence BUT as only a part of the collection of revelations given to mankind. The second section entitled The Word of God Incarnate, we see a very concise history of Jesus and the founding of the early church. , Jimmy summarily puts the remaining 31,000+ verses of the Bible subservient to Papal authority with the obligatory Catholic reference to Matthew 16:18-19. In the third section, The Writing of the New Testament, Jimmy Akin frequently references data from his 2016 book on the cost of writing the Bible. I haven't read that one, maybe there he compares dollars to denarius or daily wage so that the reader can get a better grasp of what thousands of $ meant to the original writers. The Fourth section, After the New Testament, and the chronology in the appendix is again concise, but well structured to hit the most important elements. I appreciated his interpretation of why the books in modern Bibles are arranged in their specific order and the changes seen with the advent of the printing press. Despite any earlier pejorative comments, I highly recommend reading this book for anyone interested in the central writings of the Christian faith. It is appropriate for Catholics, Christians, Muslims, or Nonbelievers.

  • 5
    Incredibly informative and inspiring!

    Posted by Riley Estes on Aug 25th 2021

    This is a must read for all Catholics. Not only does it provide wonderful historical knowledge of canon scripture, but this book will inspire you to love reading the Bible as much as our evangelical brothers and sisters.

  • 5
    A blessing of knowledge

    Posted by Thomas Braun on Jan 3rd 2021

    This book enlightens a Christian with knowledge of the Bible and the Church Fathers while remaining accessible to the average faithful. I found connections and meaning that never struck me before as well as info I had never read. Jimmy Akin is always exceptional; this is him at his best.

  • 5
    Must Read

    Posted by TZ on Dec 29th 2020

    I highly recommend this book for any Christian, but especially Catholic Christians. Scriptural context is critical, and Mr. Akin puts the entire 73-book Bible in its historical context with this book. I would also recommend that Parishes buy this book in bulk to hand out at Christmas and/or Easter time especially.

  • 5
    Loved it!

    Posted by Jonathan on Sep 12th 2020

    This book gave me a clear picture of the creation of the bible. Jimmy provides the reader with all the knowledge they need to explain the history of the bible and defend against claims like Sola Scriptura. Thank you Jimmy for the excellent book.

  • 5
    The Bible is a Catholic Book

    Posted by Isabella Pina-Hinojosa on Nov 29th 2019

    Highly recommend this book to "anyone" interested in the origins of the Bible. It is a not a difficult to follow and fully comprehend the origins with supporting details. The book takes you from the Word of God before the Bible; to the Word God Incarnate; the process/origins of the early writing of the Bible and after the new testament. It is a great book to keep, read, analyse, decipher and grasp to fully appreciate the preservation of the Bible by our early Christians, the Catholics.

  • 5
    The Bible is a Catholic Book

    Posted by Donnie on Nov 17th 2019

    This is a wonderful book! It's easy to read and understand. While being filled with facts and information, it's not overwhelming. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested on the origins of the Bible.

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    Honestly, I haven't read it yet. I have a stack of books I am behind on. Love the title. If book is as good as that, and with Jimmy writing it, it must be good!!

    Posted by Kimberli Detrick on Nov 7th 2019

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