Trent Trax Episode 2: A Catholic Guide to LGBT+ (Digital)

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You may have heard of the acronym LGBT, but did you know the full acronym (LGBTQQIP2SAA) includes things like pan-sexuality, gender fluidity, and intersex?
In A Catholic Guide to LGBT+ you'll learn about the nearly dozen terms that fall under this acronym, how to answer arguments opposed to the Catholic view of sex and marriage, and how to compassionately witness to people regardless of their sexual identity. In particular you'll learn:

  • How to defend the Bible's teaching on these subjects and answer arguments like "Jesus never said anything about homosexuality"
  • How to use science and reason to refute transgender ideology and arguments for the morality of homosexual behavior
  • How to respond to the idea that a person can be a "Gay Catholic" and that the Church should have affirming, "LGBT ministries."

Using his trademark logical rigor and gracious approach, Trent will show you how to become ambassadors for Christ who help people escape the entrapment of political labels and come to know their true identity in the God who created them.

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Syd on Jul 20th 2019

    Excellent and thorough talk on this sensitive issue. Didn’t know there were so many different types. Most important Trent was very courteous and also thoughtful when addressing each different type, mainly stressing that they are all people and we need not box them into different categories

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    trent trax...a catholic guide to lgbt+

    Posted by aleksandra blaszczyk on Jul 16th 2019

    Trent offered a very clear and thorough explanation of this topic. he logically presented his arguments and was able to provide sound advice. i learned a lot and am better equipped to talk about this issue with others. thank you for clarity.

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