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Counterfeit Christs: Finding the Real Jesus Among the Impostors

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Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”

Turns out that today, as back then, this question has a lot of different answers. So many groups want to appropriate Jesus—tweaking his identity until he looks and sounds like one of them.

But then you no longer have the Lord, says Trent Horn (Why We’re Catholic). You have an impostor.

In Counterfeit Christs, Trent looks at eighteen phony versions of Jesus that we encounter today. Some are the creation of non-Christians: like skeptics who dismiss Jesus as a fictional composite of ancient myths, secular humanists who think he was just a Nice Man, or adherents of other religions who claim him as a prophet or guru in their own tradition.

Others stem from Christian or quasi-Christian theology gone so far wrong that its founder is no longer recognizable. Think of the greed-affirming Jesus of “prosperity gospel” preachers or the sects that strip Christ of his divinity.

And of course there are enthusiasts for ideological causes who make him a model Marxist (or Democrat or Republican), or enlist him as a convenient spokesman for “tolerance” of the thing they want to do or promote.

In all these examples and more, the authentic Jesus of Scripture and Tradition is obscured by a pale imitator, and so is the saving power of his wisdom and grace. Read Counterfeit Christs, then,and be able to recognize the fakes when you see them, explain why they’re phony, and make a case for the full truth and beauty of who Jesus is: the Christ, son of the living God (Matt. 16:16).

"Once again Trent Horn has given the Church a great gift with his new book Counterfeit Christs. Debates about Jesus, his life, mission, and relationship to the Father and Holy Spirit have existed since the earliest days of the Church. Trent expertly identifies and analyzes the counterfeit claims about Christ and refutes the myths and misrepresentations with logic and historical fact. This book should be required reading for catechists, schoolteachers, parents, and Catholics of all stripes. I highly recommend this excellent work!" - Steve Weidenkopf, Author, The Real Story of Catholic History





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Trent Horn
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10 Reviews

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    Counterfeit Christs

    Posted by James Callow on Nov 24th 2022

    Perhaps this proves that we are in the end times. So many religions claim to be the true faith “I am He”, Catholics shouldn’t have that problem as The Real Christ founded our church, but there are many others selling bogus claims and stating that they have the way of salvation. To follow them is to warrant condemnation at your particular judgement. This book exposes their falsehoods!

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    Counterfeit Christs

    Posted by Ty Bevington on Jun 12th 2020

    An accessible, but scholarly examination of how biblical, historical Jesus gets twisted and molded to fit agendas contrary to His teachings. A must for apologists and historians, as well as the general reader. The authors's methods could also be applied to discern the manipulation of other doctrines and personages, Christian, or otherwise.

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    Trent Horn’s Counterfeit Christs

    Posted by Elaisa vanegas on Jun 5th 2020

    I was drawn to read this novel because of experience in meeting people who are indifferent to who Jesus Christ really is. As a young person and a Catholic, I have struggled with the responsibility of how to refute people when they claim Jesus as their own biases. I have just read the first chapter so far but Trent horn has intrigued me to understand more of what us as Catholics should know about Jesus Christ if we don’t know who he fully is already to the likeness of the Bible.

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    Trent Horn never disappoints

    Posted by John on Jun 5th 2020

    Scriptural evidence combined with Catechism and common sense provides foundational truths for the person of the Almighty! It is a great read and offers any true Christian with a knowledge base to defend one's faith.

  • 5

    Posted by J Gonzalez on May 16th 2020

    Okay, so this is a straight up review of the real thing. I ordered the book hoping to enhance and further my faith with Christ. Man. This book literally tackles every counterfeit type of Christ there is, and shows who is and isn't Jesus. I guarantee this book will teach you something you didn't know before, no matter how advanced you are. Truly an amazing book, and this book belongs in every home, whether catholic protestant or atheist, I mean it. Wow.

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    There is only one true Christ and He is counter cultural

    Posted by Thomas Lingafelter on Mar 23rd 2020

    Excellent reding

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    Review of Recently Purchased Book

    Posted by Mark Lilly on Jul 15th 2019

    This book is well written and informative.

  • 5
    A great resource in knowing the REAL Jesus

    Posted by John Villarosa on Jun 19th 2019

    With all these confusing `leaders` plus those who advocates contrary to the Church teaching and call it Jesus's way, it is timely with this master-crafted, and latest addition book from Trent Horn. A great resource to have at arm's range.

  • 5

    Posted by Deacon Mitch Couture on May 31st 2019

    Very easy reading, extremely enjoyable! Another great book from Trent

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