Trent Trax Episode3: The Case for the Deity of Christ

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The Catechism says, "Belief in the true Incarnation of the Son of God is the distinctive sign of Christian faith" (463). As a follower of Jesus, can you defend Christ’s true identity to skeptics and other non-religious people who deny it?

Trent Horn helps you do just that in this 1-hour in-depth talk where shows you how to:

  • Explain the nature of the Incarnation
  • Defend the most powerful biblical evidence for the deity of Christ
  • Refute misinterpretations of scripture made by groups like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses

Drawing on his latest book, Counterfeit Christs, Trent condenses the phony versions of Jesus we encounter today and gives you a practical roadmap for explaining the authentic person of Jesus as true God and true man.

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