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Vatican Secret Archives: Unknown Pages of Church History

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This latest book by the internationally acclaimed investigative journalism team is their most intriguing work to date. 

For Vatican Secret Archives they had access to one of the most guarded institutions in the world - the Vatican Secret Archives.The authors tell of its turbulent history and its unique documents, familiarizing us with the real stories behind the most controversial events in the Church’s history including: the Knights Templar trial, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Galileo Galilei trial, Pius XII's attitude towards the Holocaust, and much more.

In addition to preliminary archival research, they traveled to several countries, visiting places described in the documents, and met with numerous historians and experts. This brilliantly written book, illustrated with stunning photographs, is the result of several years' work. It is highly recommended reading for all those interested in historical riddles concerning events of major importance.

Based on extensive factual material, the book debunks numerous unjust stereotypes, black legends and distortions that have accumulated over the centuries about Catholicism.

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Grzegorz Gorny & Janusz Rosikon
Hardcover, 370 pgs
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