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What Is God?

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  • Discover Kevin Vost's exploration of God's attributes through the lens of St. Thomas Aquinas in What Is God?
  • Discover St. Thomas Aquinas' timeless wisdom on God's nature and attributes in What Is God? by Kevin Vost.
  • Delve into St. Thomas Aquinas' teachings on God's simplicity, perfection, and more with Kevin Vost's What Is God?
  • Unravel theological mysteries with Kevin Vost as he explores St. Thomas Aquinas' answers to age-old questions in What Is God?
  • Kevin Vost's What Is God? simplifies St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, making God's nature understandable for today's readers.
  • Understand God through the lens of St. Thomas Aquinas with Kevin Vost's accessible guide, What Is God?


Have you ever tried to have a close, loving relationship with someone you don’t know? It’s not easy. (And it’s probably not a good idea!)

Most would never dream of attempting such intimacy with a human stranger, yet many of us try to do just that with God! But just as with people, if we don’t know God, we can’t love him.

In What Is God?, Kevin Vost (Memorize the Reasons!) shows you how you can better know the most worthy object of our love, following the thought of the great theologian who first asked that question as a young boy: St. Thomas Aquinas.

That thirteenth-century Dominican friar later devoted much of his masterwork, the Summa Theologica, to exploring God in his deepest essence. But if you don’t have time to read a 1.8-million-word philosophical treatise translated from medieval Latin, Dr. Vost is here to break down the key parts for you. In clear and approachable fashion, What Is God examines God’s attributes and considers questions about him that have vexed mankind for centuries.

  • What does it mean for God to be simple? To be perfect?
  • Is God really knowable, after all?
  • Can we say that he is happy?
  • Is God able to change the past, or cause it not to have been?
  • And the classic: Can God make a boulder so big that even he cannot lift it?

St. Thomas has an answer for all of these, and many more . . . and What Is God? is the first book to collect and explain those answers in one place for modern readers.

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Kevin Vost
Softcover Book, 276 pages
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2 Reviews

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    Great book

    Posted by Mark Fiedeldey on Jan 21st 2023

    Mr. Vost has done an excellent job in attempting to bring St. Thomas down to a level I can understand. I think the task is impossible, but Mr. Vost has done well. My head often hurt and I know I will need to reread this many times but Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating this book. Mark

  • 5

    I love St. Thomas Aquinas having first me him at a Jesuit college in the 60's. Kevin Vost did a great job bringing St. Thomas' more difficult teachings to a level more easily understood. I value St. Thomas along with St. Augustine and of course Ari

    Posted by Ann R. Griffin on Oct 27th 2022

    I've recommended it to two others who are purchasing the book either through you or Amazon.

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