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What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World (Digital)

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From the Mayans to Martin Luther to modern doomsday preachers, there’s a long list of people who predicted the end of the age—and got it wrong.

As a response to widespread concern about the Last Days, Catholic Answers released David Currie's book, What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World.

With global events sparking bold predictions by Christian preachers and New Age gurus alike about the imminent end times, popular author and speaker David B. Currie has conducted a thorough study of what Jesus actually tells us about the end of the age and his Second Coming. In so doing he quells the sensationalism of those who see an Antichrist or a “Rapture” lurking behind every gloomy headline and dispels the misconception that Jesus predicted the end of the world within his own generation.

Using incisive scriptural scholarship and some long-neglected wisdom from Church Fathers, Currie explains the meaning of Christ’s end-times prophecies as his first-century audience would have understood them. The result is a fascinating story of promise and fulfillment that reaffirms our faith in Christ’s infallible wisdom. It also fills us with optimism for the future rather than a crippling fear of doomsday.

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eBook, 231 pages
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    Awesome but truncated

    Posted by Michael Lindner on Aug 20th 2021

    The book goes into what Jesus said in the Gospels about the end of the world, and as such it is awesome. However, there is little to no discussion of how that fits in with what the book of Revelation says about the end of the world (which seems in some ways to contradict what the Gospels say). Perhaps a sequel?

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