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Why We're Catholic: Our Reasons For Faith, Hope, And Love

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  • Why We’re Catholic assembles the clearest, friendliest, most helpful answers that Trent learned to give to all these people and more. Beginning with how we can know reality and ending with our hope of eternal life, it’s the perfect way to help skeptics and seekers (or Catholics who want to firm up their faith) understand the evidence that bolsters our belief—and brings us joy.
  • Leila Miller reviews Why We're Catholic
  • Jason Evert reviews Why We're Catholic
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How can you believe all this stuff?

This is the number-one question Catholics get asked—and, sometimes, we ask ourselves. Why do we believe that God exists, that he became a man and came to save us, that what looks like a wafer of bread is actually his body? Why do we believe that he inspired a holy book and founded an infallible Church to teach us the one true way to live?

Ever since he became Catholic, Trent Horn has spent a lot of time answering these questions, trying to explain to friends, family, and total strangers the reasons for his faith

  • Some didn’t believe in God, or even in the existence of truth.
  • Others said they were spiritual but didn’t think you needed religion to be happy.
  • Some were Christians who thought Catholic doctrines over-complicated the pure gospel.
  • And some were fellow Catholics who had a hard time understanding everything they professed to believe on Sunday.

Why We’re Catholic assembles the clearest, friendliest, most helpful answers that Trent learned to give to all these people and more. Beginning with how we can know reality and ending with our hope of eternal life, it’s the perfect way to help skeptics and seekers (or Catholics who want to firm up their faith) understand the evidence that bolsters our belief—and brings us joy.

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"Catholic Answers has carried out a wonderful, apologetic ministry explaining, defending, and advancing the mission of the Church for many years. Trent Horn's Why We're Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love is the latest and very useful tool in that work: clear, practical, simply organized, very readable and rich in content. It's a pleasure to recommend it."
—Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

"Whoever loves Christ wants to make Him known. But we can only make Him known if we live our faith and can put it into words. Trent Horn's Why We’re Catholic helps us do precisely that. This book is made for the challenges of our times--I highly recommend it."
—Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Diocese of Phoenix

"Finally! A concise, courteous, and convincing booklet to hand to friends and strangers about the reasonableness of Catholicism."
—Matt Fradd

“If you’ve ever wondered why Catholics believe what they do, Trent’s book is the ideal resource to find the answers. With great clarity and charity, he walks the reader through the most common objections and questions people have about Catholicism. Whether you’re a Catholic looking to deepen your faith or you’re curious about the claims made by the Church, you need to read Why We’re Catholic.”
—Jason Evert, author of Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves

"I’ve often said that Trent Horn is the best Catholic apologist alive today, and now he’s written the book that screams “where have you been all my life?" — the simplest, most thorough, most accessible answers to practically every question and objection that atheists, agnostics, secularists, Protestants, and even fellow Catholics may have regarding Catholicism. Why We’re Catholic must find a home on every Catholic’s bookshelf; I promise you, it will gather no dust."
—Leila Miller, author of Primal Loss: The Now Adult Children of Divorce Speak Out

“Why do you believe in God? Why are you Catholic? Why do you pray to the Saints? Why, why, why? Rather than view these questions as an attack, I like to think of them as opportunities to share the "Good News". In his new book, Why We're Catholic, Trent Horn gives you the insight to answer the difficult questions and truly make a difference in the lives of others. It has a permanent place on my bookshelf. It would fit nicely on yours too!”
—Gary Zimak, Catholic speaker, author and radio host

“Let’s face it: some books about Catholicism are overly academic and boring . . . but not this one! Trent’s writing is clear, easy, engaging, and a reminder of the reason for our hope. It should inspire non-Catholics and reignite in Catholics the love for our faith.”
—Rose Sweet, Catholic author and speaker

“In Why We’re Catholic, Trent Horn successfully debunks many of the myths and logical fallacies of atheism and anti-Catholicism. Laying out his arguments in a clear and well-organized flow from one chapter to the next, he brings the reader along, anticipating questions, and giving satisfying answers to all the most common objections. After reading this book, a skeptic will be out of arguments against the Church.”
—James L. Papandrea, author of Handed Down: The Catholic Faith of the Early Christians

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44 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Nehemiah Lusk on Jul 10th 2023

    I read this book as a brand new convert to Catholicism and it really helped me explain the faith to my anti-catholic family. Thank you for this amazing book, Trent!

  • 5
    Wonderful Read

    Posted by Jacob Cole on Jul 1st 2023

    Absolutely amazing book, helped me reaffirm the Catholic faith and serves as a tool of helping non-Catholic friends and family understand our reasons for faith, hope, and love.

  • 5
    What a wonderful book!!All the questions answered.

    Posted by aixa whitmore on Jun 2nd 2023


  • 5
    Great book.

    Posted by Cassie on Mar 4th 2023

    Most of the ideas seem reasonably basic for any well read Catholic, but this book seems to be ideal as a tool to explain your position to anyone uncertain of the faith. I plan to share it with at least 4 family members and am buying a physical copy just for that purpose.

  • 5
    Why We’re Catholic

    Posted by Gregory Danguilan on Feb 2nd 2023

    This book really nailed it. It offers a very systematic and comprehensive presentation of the case of Catholicism. I love the way it was presented, starting from the more general beliefs and going to the more specific ones. I read it over and over. I plan to give this as a gift to my family and friends and pray that they will be blessed by it as I was.

  • 4
    Good book

    Posted by Joe Zapfe on Jan 31st 2023

    This is a good reference book for those struggling with their Faith and for anyone who might be interested learning more about Catholicism.

  • 5
    Book- Why We're Catholic

    Posted by Mary D'Amario on Jan 6th 2023

    I just received my book(s) yesterday and have not had adequate time to read this one in its entirety. But I am grateful to have it and very much like what I have read so far. I plan to give one as a gift to a young man whose grandfather is a strong Catholic so that he will understand why the Faith is so important.

  • 5
    Awesome place to start!

    Posted by David Farias on Dec 20th 2022

    This is a very good and comprehensive treatment of the Catholic faith! Highly recommended for anyone who wants a crash course on Catholicism. This book is loaded with a ton of information that you might only be able to find in academic fields of study such as theology and philosophy, though still very accessible and easy to read. This book is excellent for anyone looking to come into the church or to simply have reasons for what you believe as a Catholic. It makes a great gift for anyone you want to explore the faith without coming off strong. Highly thoughtful and engaging content in this book! It has been one of my favorites for an overall treatment of the Catholicism.

  • 5
    Why We're Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope and Love

    Posted by Peggy Schmitt on Nov 29th 2022

    I have just started this book and am about 50 pages into it. I am impressed with the logical approach. This would be a good resource for college age people who might question the existence of God and the inclination to participate in a faith community.

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