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100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura (Digital)

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“Where Is That in the Bible?”

Fundamentalists — and many other Protestants — use this question all the time, particularly when they’re dealing with Catholics.

When they are being trained how to talk with Catholics, Fundamentalist evangelizers are taught to use this question. They see it as the “master key” to defeating Catholics. Too often, it’s just that. Countless Catholics are absolutely stumped by the question and don’t know what to say in response. This is a very important principle in Protestant thought. It’s the idea that we should do our theology “by Scripture alone.” It even has a fancy Latin name — “sola scriptura.”

It’s time for Catholics to stop being beaten up with the Fundamentalists’ favorite question.

That’s why Catholic Answers has published the book 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura by well-known apologist Dave Armstrong. This powerful new book contains just that — Biblical arguments.

These are the kind that you need to get through to a Fundamentalist. After all, if they’re locked into the “Bible only” view, they won’t even listen to appeals from other sources. That’s why you need the kind of precise, Biblically-based takedown of sola scriptura that Armstrong provides.

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eBook, 134 pages
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2 Reviews

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    Great Resource

    Posted by Andrew Copley on Sep 22nd 2021

    This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to discuss the doctrine of "Sola Scriptura" with others. Easy to read and goes point by point.

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    100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura

    Posted by Don on Jul 12th 2019

    Great book, found the answers to defend Catholicism against my born again relatives.

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