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20 Answers: Salvation

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What Must I Do To Be Saved?

  • How should we understand the key concepts connected with salvation?
  • Why did Jesus die on the cross?
  • What are “works of the law”?
  • Is there salvation outside the Church?

In this booklet you’ll find smart, solid answers to these questions and many more. 20 Answers: Salvation will help you understand the Catholic view on Salvation, Justification, Penance, and much, much more.

The 20 Answers series from Catholic Answers offers hard facts, powerful arguments, and clear explanations of the most important topics facing the Church and the world—all in a compact, easy-to-read package. 

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Jimmy Akin
Softcover, 72 pages
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3 Reviews

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    Very informative and helpful booklet

    Posted by Mark on Nov 27th 2022

    This is a very informative and helpful booklet that delineates the Catholic teaching regarding salvation in a concise and easy to understand manner. Highly recommended.

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    Posted by Joel S Peters on Jul 29th 2022

    Anything written by Jimmy Akin is going to be written well, and this booklet is an example of that fact. It is very helpful in enabling the reader to understand the fundamental issues—theology, definitions, and biblical interpretations—that have to do with the concept of salvation. Jimmy covers sin; the relevant sacraments; heaven, hell, and purgatory; what it means to “be saved” and how to accomplish it; faith and works; Jesus' death on the cross; and the concepts of justification and sanctification. He also covers the different ways that Catholics and Protestants understand these concepts. Considering that our salvation is the central message of the Christian faith, having a proper understanding of it and the surrounding issues is vital to the spiritual life. Jimmy does an excellent job of making these issues clear and readily understandable, and his booklet will be beneficial for both those who are new to the faith as well as those who have been lifelong Catholics. The 20 Questions (and Answers) contained in the booklet are: 1. Why do I need to be saved? 2. What is original sin? 3. What is personal sin? 4. What is grace? 5. How can I be saved? 6. How should we understand the key concepts connected with salvation? 7. How should we answer the question, “Have you been saved?” 8. Why did Jesus die on the cross? 9. What is a sacrament? 10. What is baptism? 11. What is confession? 12. If Jesus died for our sins, why should we do penance? 13. What is justification? 14. Are we justified “by faith alone”? 15. What are “works of the law”? 16. What is merit? 17. What is heaven? 18. What is purgatory? 19. What is hell? 20. Is there salvation outside the Church?

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    Good overlook

    Posted by Christina on Sep 9th 2020

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going over this book. It gives great insight over many aspects of salvation and even gives a little explanation of the roles of the sacraments in the christian life.

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