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A Daily Defense: 365 Days (plus one) to Becoming a Better Apologist

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Do you want to learn how to defend and explain…

  • The existence of God…
  • The reliability of the Bible…
  • The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist…
  • The authority of the pope and the Church…
  • and scores of other truths that we Catholics believe— but you don’t have a lot of time?

Don’t worry. Jimmy Akin has done the hard work for you.

All you need is five minutes a day.

In A Daily Defense, Jimmy compiles 366 challenges that Catholics often hear from skeptics and non-Catholics—about God, Jesus, Scripture, morality, Mary, history, and a host of doctrines—and teaches you how to answer them.

Combining deep learning with decades of experience explaining Catholic belief and practice on a popular level, he cuts to the heart of each subject, offering pithy but powerful replies that are both effective and easy to master.

A Daily Defense is perfect reading before bed or during breakfast, for down time or prayer time, part of a regular routine or picked up on the go.

Whatever your day is like, spending just a few minutes in these pages is guaranteed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to defend the Catholic Faith.

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Jimmy Akin
Softcover, 390 pages
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29 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome Content!

    Posted by Chas on Jan 30th 2024

    Great facts and easy to read!

  • 5
    Got as a gift now I want one!

    Posted by Adam on Dec 31st 2023

    Got this book as a Christmas gift for my Dad, I skimmed through it and I want to get one as soon as I get through my backlog of reading. Every Catholic should own this book!

  • 5
    A Daily Defense

    Posted by Jerry Caterino on Oct 4th 2023

    Jimmy is---as usual---outstanding - As a former Protestant Minister (25 years) I simply thought Sola Scriptura was not biblical, not historical, not workable, and not logical - Now I also know it's not practical (Day 16) - Have a most blessed day in the LORD - Love - Jerry Caterino

  • 5
    A Daily Defense

    Posted by Ann on Aug 18th 2023

    I’ve tried to read other apologists’ books and could never wade through the too-deep explanations. This is easy reading on a day-to-day basis. Easy & interesting.

  • 4
    A Daily Defense

    Posted by Kay Gotter on Jun 5th 2023

    Just started it but it does appear to have many common non-Catholic statements with a Catholic explanation.

  • 5
    Daily Defense

    Posted by Sarah Vandermeer on Mar 27th 2023

    Well written. It presents questions I’ve never thought about or had given to me. I like Jimmy Aiken’s well thought out logic

  • 5
    Every Catholic should get this book

    Posted by Andrew on Jan 18th 2023

    This book is put together so simply yet packs a punch each day with a challenge to the faith and quickly debunking it. Every Catholic should get this book!

  • 5
    A Daily Defense 365 +1

    Posted by Larry Van Dyke on Jan 11th 2023

    Mimal time needed each day to get great insights into my Catholic faith

  • 5
    A daily defence

    Posted by juan alvarado on Dec 20th 2022

    This book has a lot of good explanations as how to answer those who mock or reject the Catholic faith.

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