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Catholic Answers Magazine -November/December 2015 Issue (E-Magazine)

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In this issue:

  • The Challenge of Transhumanism by Jimmy Akin -- This movement to transform the human species through use of technology is morally problematic, and the Vatican has spoken out against one of its dangers.
  • Dragons and Satyrs and Beasts-Oh, My! by Trent Horn -- Skeptics use the claim that because "mythical" beasts appear in Scripture, it proves Scripture is a work of fiction. Here's why that isn't the case.
  • A Primer on Indulgences by Tim Staples -- There is a strong Biblical basis for the granting of indulgences, one of the most misunderstood practices of the Church -- even among Catholics.
  • Preaching a Different Jesus by Robert Sullivan -- The author attends a "Bible Conference" featuring an anti-Catholic apologist and draws ire -- and censure -- for answering his false charges against the Church.
  • And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.
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