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Catholic Answers Magazine-November/December 2016 Issue (E-Magazine))

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In this issue:

  • Christmas Means What It Is by Frederick D. Wilhelmsen -- As we celebrate the Incarnation, we celebrate the highest of Catholic truths, which, unlike the “truths” of other religions that fade into metaphor, are literally true.
  • Seeking the Star of Bethlehem by Jimmy Akin -- Matthew’s Gospel speaks of a star that “went before” the magi, till “it came to rest over the place where the child was.” How are we to explain this seemingly miraculous phenomenon?
  • No Catholics Allowed by Trent Horn -- The culture in the United States today opposes Catholicism, so it may come as no great surprise that this country has a long and sordid history of anti-Catholicism.
  • Bringing Friends into the Catholic Church by Devin Rose -- The author of Navigating the Tiber offers firsthand advice on what to do—and, more often, what not to do—as you encourage and accompany someone into the Faith.
  • And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.
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