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To some, the Catholic doctrine of purgatory is mysterious—even scary. What is this shadowy state between earth and heaven? How can saved souls suffer if Jesus has already redeemed them? No wonder non-Christians imagine purgatory in sensationalistic ways and Protestants condemn it as an “unbiblical tradition of men.”

Apologist Karlo Broussard helps you understand and explain to others that purgatory isn’t contrary to Scripture, nor is it some fantastical dogma that Rome invented. Rather, it is rooted in biblical truth and the faith and practice of the earliest Christians. You’ll learn that:

  • The Old Testament reveals Jewish belief in post-mortem remission of sins.
  • In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus affirms post-mortem temporary punishment and post-mortem remission of sins.
  • Paul teaches a post-mortem purification that involves suffering on account of venial sins.
  • Extra-biblical sources reveal that the first Christians prayed for the dead and believed in post-mortem purgation and punishments.

Karlo shows that purgatory is not a cause for dread but a hopeful, even joyful sign of God’s love for us. It is a great consolation, a call for all Christians to pursue deeper holiness, and an opportunity to build loving solidarity with those who have gone before us.

Whether you’re a Catholic wanting to know more about purgatory or you’re looking for ways to explain the doctrine to others, Purgatory will provide you with a deeper appreciation of God’s mercy and love manifest in his will to remove those things that impede our entrance into heaven.

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Karlo Broussard
Online Course - 48 Lessons (Run-Time 5:45)
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    Purgatory is for Real

    Posted by Mark Darren Dipzinski on Aug 8th 2023

    Karlo Boussard delivers a timely book and course on the subject of Purgatory. I have been recently asked by a Protestant, what was the Catholic teaching on Purgatory and i really couldn't give a clear and definitive answer. After taking this course i feel i can handle most questions concerning it and feel confident with the answers. For the building of my own faith i found this course to be full of logical answers including where Purgatory has found its roots in antiquity of the Jewish faith and how and when it became doctrine and how it a reasonable idea and belief among Christians. In fact, we are studying this book after Mass during our study time and most of my fellow Catholics are enjoying learning the content. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has questions concerning Purgatory. It will enlighten you and prepare you for those typical questions you will encounter with people who have questions and doubts about our Catholic faith. Well done Mr. Broussard!

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