Catholic Answers School of Apologetics: Mormonism Online Course

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Should we be Mormons? Many people find Mormons to be caring and wholesome people and but that alone is not a good reason to join their church. In fact, that isn’t good a reason to join any church.

A person should join a church because Jesus Christ founded it to guide believers to salvation and so we can know its teachings are true. This course will not examine every Mormon teaching or practice to see if it’s true. Instead, we will examine the most important areas of disagreement between Mormonism and Catholicism.

To better understand Mormonism, this course will cover the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Mormonism
  • The Mormon Concept of God
  • Mormon Scriptures and Plan of Salvation
  • The Great Apostasy
  • Tips for Dialogue with Mormons

After completing this course, you will be able to present a variety of evidence that supports the Church’s traditional teaching about God, Christ, and his Church and explain both the errors in Mormonism as well as beliefs that Catholics and Mormons agree about. In doing this, you will be able to provide a firm foundation for future conversations about the Gospel God has given us through his son, Jesus Christ.


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Trent Horn
Online Course, 47 lessons
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    Posted by Rachel Ankersen on Feb 20th 2024

    Trent is an excellent presenter and I’m drawn to all of his work. I have Mormon relatives and I never knew the extent of our differences before taking this course. It was very helpful and enlightening. Thank you.

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