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Catholic Answers School of Apologetics: Evidence for God Online Course

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Nonbelief and atheism is on the rise but the case for God’s existence has never been stronger and needs to be shared with those who lack the gift of faith. That’s why the Catholic Answers School of Apologetics is offering Evidence for God as a resource to equip you to understand, explain, and defend the existence and nature of God.

You’ll learn about arguments for the existence of God like:

  • The Cosmological Arguments
  • Arguments from Design
  • Arguments from Morality and Personal Experience
  • Arguments from Miracles

You’ll learn how to define and defend divine attributes like:

  • Divine simplicity
  • Divine eternity
  • God’s oneness
  • Omnipotence and Omniscience

Finally, you’ll learn how to answer arguments for atheism like:

  • The logical problem of evil
  • The evidential problem of evil
  • The argument from divine hiddenness
  • Common atheist slogans

The course contains more than 40 short, easy-to-watch video segments, so you can study at your own pace. 

Evidence for God will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to defend your faith. Even seasoned defenders of the Faith will learn things they didn’t know before. 

 *Bulk Pricing for Parish or Classroom use is available. Please call our Customer Service Team at 1-888-291-8000 for more information.

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Trent Horn
Online Course, 47 Lessons (Run-Time 4:10)
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