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Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons

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At a time when many Christians no longer practice their faith, there has been an increase in the attention given to the devil and his devious ways. Because the devil seeks to destroy and separate us from God, all Catholics must be on guard.

In Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons, Fr. Vincent P. Lampert, a seasoned exorcist, presents authentic Catholic teaching on the devil and his plan against humanity.

Providing a window into the merciful ministry of exorcism, Fr. Lampert equips Catholics with the knowledge necessary to avoid becoming vulnerable to spiritual attack. In Exorcism, you’ll learn

  • how the Church selects and trains priests for the ministry of exorcism
  • where and how the devil operates in the world, and what Scripture has to say about it
  • why it is vital for Catholics to live a vibrant life of faith
  • what to do if you suspect the presence of the demonic in your life or in others and
  • how to fend off spiritual attack and build a stronger relationship with God.

Exorcism makes clear that the power of Satan to wreak havoc in our lives pales in light of the glorious omnipotence of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ

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Fr. Vincent P. Lampert
Softcover, 176 pgs
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3 Reviews

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    Fascinating and Informative

    Posted by Paul Curry on Jun 6th 2022

    An easy read informing the reader on how an exorcist works dispelling the myth that it is anything like what you see in movies. Whilst it may be an easy read, it is very informative and doesn't leave much out. Fr Vincent gives many experiences he has had with demons which makes for fascinating reading. He stresses the importance of putting Jesus at the forefront of your life to repel any evil influences you may be open to. Highly recommended!

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    Praise Christ, the Victor

    Posted by Kyle H on Nov 4th 2021

    This great book by Fr. Lampert details the ways the devil and his demons attack us, as well as how to better ourselves so we don’t fall for the snares of them. His stated goal is not to leave us fascinated with the devil and evil, but to bring us closer to Christ- who always prevails as the victor when evil is encountered. A great surprise at the end is a list of many prayers for our benefit. I’ve started to say the Chaplet of St. Michael everyday in addition to the rosary, as Fr. Lampert says, even our guardian angel is more powerful than the devil himself, since the angel praises the Lord. May God bless.

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    A Holy Read

    Posted by KEVIN D. DYER on Aug 22nd 2021

    For me, this is the Most Important, most moving book I may have ever read. This is a Holy Read, not a one rooted in sensationalism. Fr. Lampert very convincingly lays out Gods Love for me & plan for us, from a viewpoint, I simply never considered before. I often "Highlight" books as I read them. My copy has one brilliant passage Highlighted after the next. An easy and inspiring read!!

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