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The Truth Is Out There is a unique series of Catholic graphic novels that combine sci-fi storylines and quirky humor with solid catechesis and apologetics. Perfect for thoughtful teens, young adults, and anyone who appreciates a fun and different way to learn about the Faith. 

In book one, The Truth Is Out There, interplanetary mailmen Brendan and Erc wrestle with questions about God, Jesus, and the Church while battling space pirates.

The Big Picture sees our heroes going deeper into the Faith and learning about salvation history as they face off against a lunar megalomaniac with a messiah complex. 

In The Weapons of War, Brendan and Erc are now fully initiated Catholics called upon to help Christians on Mars overcome the tyrannical plans of its secularist rulers—with the help of the seven sacraments!

These books are so appealing, we guarantee if you just leave them sitting around, someone in the household will pick them up and read…and better yet, enjoy and learn from them.They are also great catechetical tools for Youth Ministry, College Classrooms, Campus Outreach, High School Programs, RCIA and Parish Family Programs and more!

Free Downloadable Study Guide For The Big Picture

Free Downloadable Study Guide For The Truth Is Out There

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