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The Truth Is Out There is a unique series of Catholic graphic novels that combine sci-fi storylines and quirky humor with solid catechesis and apologetics. Perfect for thoughtful teens, young adults, and anyone who appreciates a fun and different way to learn about the Faith. 

In book one, The Truth Is Out There, interplanetary mailmen Brendan and Erc wrestle with questions about God, Jesus, and the Church while battling space pirates.

The Big Picture sees our heroes going deeper into the Faith and learning about salvation history as they face off against a lunar megalomaniac with a messiah complex. 

In The Weapons of War, Brendan and Erc are now fully initiated Catholics called upon to help Christians on Mars overcome the tyrannical plans of its secularist rulers—with the help of the seven sacraments!

These books are so appealing, we guarantee if you just leave them sitting around, someone in the household will pick them up and read…and better yet, enjoy and learn from them.They are also great catechetical tools for Youth Ministry, College Classrooms, Campus Outreach, High School Programs, RCIA and Parish Family Programs and more!

Free Downloadable Study Guide For The Big Picture

Free Downloadable Study Guide For The Truth Is Out There

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13 Reviews

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    A Condensed, Visual form of Apologetics.

    Posted by Rachel on Jun 14th 2023

    I had been looking for a faith-based graphic novel series for my fifth-grade religious Ed class when I stumbled upon this series. While my search for age-appropriate reading material continues elsewhere (As these are aimed more for teens and adults) They are still a valuable, novel way to learn about apologetics. While the first two are more apologetics than story, the Third (Weapons of War) really allows the message of the Sacraments to blend with a scenario we're all familiar with-that of being a Catholic in a place very unfriendly to Catholics! If you need a cliff-notes version of basic Catholic Apologetics, this is the series for you!

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    Graphic novels

    Posted by James on Feb 27th 2023

    My son enjoys these. He is a fan of graphic novels and he believes these are very well done.

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    Posted by Sandra on Oct 3rd 2022

    The information in the books are superb. I read it and was at awe at how wonderful the content is within the books. I have recommended the books to my friends. I am going to purchase another set as gifts for my friends.

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    Comic book review

    Posted by Thomas Kalgreen on Sep 19th 2022

    These were an entertaining way to jump back into my Catholic faith, and I highly recommend them to anyone!

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    My kids love them!

    Posted by Chris on Jul 26th 2022

    Since the day we opened the packed my two children have not stopped reading and rereading them. Especially our astute eight-year-old daughter. She loves to read but is not easily challenged by what she reads, but boy oh boy is she challenged by these books. And in the best kind of way. She genuinely feels like she's better understanding the world, God, and how to more wisely navigate her desire to win souls. What a gift! Thank you for these graphic novels. All I ask is MORE! Lots, lots more! :-)

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    Fantastic for all

    Posted by Sharon on Jul 22nd 2022

    Bought these for my preteen and teen grandkids. I've recommended to multiple families and told them to have the adults read it first or read as a family. Graphics are entertaining and the message is deep.

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    Above and Beyond

    Posted by Cisco on Jan 10th 2022

    I have already read the first book, The Truth is Out There, and it was above and beyond my expectations. Concise and well argued with difficult objections. I would highly recommend for all young (...and not so young) catholics. If it is a gift to someone, give it a read first because they may just be a step ahead of you and have difficult questions after reading these graphic novels.

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    Great books

    Posted by Joyce Churchill on Aug 2nd 2021

    Bought the three books for my grandson. He is 13. He loved them.

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    Graphic Novels

    Posted by Dawni Gustafson on Jul 30th 2021

    We bought the set of 3 graphic novels for our young, Catholic Grandchildren. The took to them immediately and enjoyed them very much.

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    Best series ever!!!!!!❤️

    Posted by Noemi on Jul 13th 2021

    I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics, and I have read ton of manga and graphic novels so I can say with I am an expert, and these books are really great story telling, well developed characters, yet what find the most extraordinary is how Amadeus, the author, is capable to explain theology and apologetics in a fun and at the same time exciting way. He was without doubt divinely inspired. The visual narration gets better with each book and I even used it to explain several concepts in classes, my students who are in their early teens really liked the books! I am buying more bundles to give away.

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