Rome Sweet Home

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Rome Sweet Home is the conversion story of Scott and Kimberly Hahn.

Learn the joys and struggles faced by two devout Protestants as they each converted to Catholicism.

In this moving account, the reader cannot escape learning the insights Dr. Hahn and Kimberly gained as they made their journey home. The discovery of new conceptions of God's covenant, one of Dr. Hahn's primary contributions to contemporary theology, is just one of the gems the reader can mine from this sometimes painfully-candid account of conversion and the effect it can have on today's families.

Rome Sweet Home is a must-read for anyone thinking of entering the Church or helping a married friend or family member with the decision.

"Scott's and Kimberly's spiritual duet is gracious, inspiring, and convincing, just like the Catholic faith they have embraced."-- Karl Keating, Author, Catholicism and Fundamentalism

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Scott and Kimberly Hahn
Softcover, 183 pages
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