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The Bible Answer Man Debate (MP3)

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Imagine having a front-row seat to a high-powered debate between an Evangelical Bible teacher and a Catholic apologist. That's what you'll have in The Bible Answer Man Debate.

This unique debate occurred on Protestant turf, with "Bible Answer Man" Hank Hanegraaff serving as moderator. The central differences between Catholics and non-Catholic Christians are tackled in this series of debates between Jimmy Akin, apologist extraordinaire for Catholic Answers, and James White, director of the Evangelical apologetics organization Alpha and Omega Ministries.

These informed and articulate speakers draw on Scripture, early Church history, and contemporary theologians to support their views. As Hanegraaff points out, they do so without rancor or ad hominems, enlightening listeners from all Christian traditions.

Topics covered include: the problems with "Bible Only" (sola scriptura) theology, private interpretation of Sacred Scripture, non-Catholic misinterpretation of the veneration given Mary, the Protestant notion of justification by faith alone (sola fide), merit, grace, and purgatory, misunderstandings of the papacy, and many more. Informative for Catholics and eye-opening for other Christians, this debate series is a must for your apologetics library!

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MP3, 132 minutes
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