The Word Set in Stone: How Archaeology, Science and History Back Up the Bible (Digital)

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Anti-Christians have a lot of slick, smart-sounding attacks against the Faith, and their favorite target is the Bible.

How can you really believe that Moses parted the Red Sea? they’ll ask. What makes you think Abraham, Joseph, and King David were real people and not just fantastical characters? That’s not what the experts say. And how can you take the Bible seriously when the Old Testament is filled with camels . . . way before camels even existed in Israel?

Supernatural faith is a beautiful thing, and strong theology is indispensable, but wouldn’t it be great if we could prove the Bible with hard science, too?

In The Word Set in Stone, veteran apologist Dave Armstrong uses secular historiography and proven scientific disciplines such as archaeology, meteorology, and even zoology and hydrology, to show that not only are some of the most fantastic-seeming episodes of the Bible possible, they are probable—even quite likely. From the Gospels to the Prophets all the way back to the Garden of Eden, you’ll see that Scripture skeptics don’t need a leap of faith to see that the Bible is one of the most historically reliable documents ever written. (And yes, that goes for the Red Sea, too.)

Presenting rigorous scientific research and theory, yet written in a way that’s accessible to the average reader, The Word Set in Stone levels the playing field between those anti-Christians who cling to a caricature of science and the amateur apologist in all of us. The truth of the Bible is not just a matter of faith; it’s elementary.

"Popular works that vindicate the Bible through archaeology and science line bookshelves in evangelical bookstores, but rarely does one find anything comparable in Catholic bookstores; that is, until now. Dave Armstrong has filled this need through a well-written, spirited defense of Holy Scripture, using cutting-edge research and other discoveries. I highly recommend The Word Set in Stone to anyone who wonders whether the Bible is grounded in history." - Gary Michuta, Host of Hands-On Apologetics

"Dave Armstrong has provided an invaluable service to Christians who feel intimidated by biblical skeptics. After years of dialogue with atheists and painstaking research, he shows that science and archeology actually support the historicity of the Sacred Scriptures. His approach is neither that of a young-earth biblical fundamentalist nor that of a modernist critic. Instead, his aim is to show that the biblical stories—when properly understood—are authentic historical accounts and not mere myths. Those who wonder whether there is any historical foundation for the Garden of Eden, the Great Flood, the destruction of Sodom, the crossing of the Red Sea, the reign of King David, and the Star of Bethlehem will find this book fascinating and illuminating". - Robert L. Fastiggi, Ph.D. Bishop Kevin M. Britt Chair of Dogmatic Theology and Christology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI

"Dave Armstrong has put together a masterful work that makes the claims of Sacred Scripture & Sacred Tradition shine bright when examined through the lens of archaeology. Dave’s book is not only a powerful tour de force, but it is composed for the scholar and lay reader alike. It is nearly impossible to find such a fantastic piece of work written from a Catholic perspective like ‘The Word Set in Stone’. This is a perfect book for any season." - William Albrecht, Author of The Secret History of Transubstantiation: Pulling Back The Veil On The Eucharist

"Christian readers who are not Roman Catholics should not simply chalk this up as a "Catholic book" and not read it.  As a Lutheran theologian, I can say that nothing in the book rests on ecclesiastical authority.  It is all firmly based in Scripture and credible archaeological research.  This book should be on the bookshelf of everyone who is interested in biblical apologetics but has shied away from books on the subject."- Kenneth Howes, STM, JD, Professor of Theology

"Christian apologist David Armstrong’s new book is a wonderful gift to the believing community. First, he presents archeological evidence associated with biblical narrative. Second, he summarizes the skeptic’s dismissive claims, and, finally, he refutes the disbelieving skeptic’s assertions by providing the reader with positive arguments for the biblical data. I highly recommended as a book not just to read and put on the shelf, but to access and reference for the rest of one’s life."- Dr. Paul Patton, Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication and Media, Spring Arbor University

"Many non-Christians have sought to discredit the events described in the Bible by appealing to archaeology and pointing out the evidence--or lack of evidence--of various places, people, and happenings, and Christians have been on the defensive against such attacks over the past century. But, as Dave Armstrong painstakingly lays out in his book, The Word Set in Stone, when treated fairly, the archaeological and historical evidence that has been discovered offers a compelling argument for the Bible! The book is one of those necessary volumes that we Christians need to readily defend the truth of the Bible on the natural level." - Devin Rose, Author, The Protestant's Dilemma

"In The Word Set in Stone, Dave Armstrong has provided us with a fascinating and thought-provoking journey through the biblical record and how it compares with the findings of archaeology.  Once I picked up this book, it was hard to put it down!" Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Author, Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life



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