The Word Set in Stone: How Archaeology, Science and History Back Up the Bible

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Anti-Christians have a lot of slick, smart-sounding attacks against the Faith, and their favorite target is the Bible.

How can you really believe that Moses parted the Red Sea? they’ll ask. What makes you think Abraham, Joseph, and King David were real people and not just fantastical characters? That’s not what the experts say. And how can you take the Bible seriously when the Old Testament is filled with camels . . . way before camels even existed in Israel?

Supernatural faith is a beautiful thing, and strong theology is indispensable, but wouldn’t it be great if we could prove the Bible with hard science, too?

In The Word Set in Stone, veteran apologist Dave Armstrong uses secular historiography and proven scientific disciplines such as archaeology, meteorology, and even zoology and hydrology, to show that not only are some of the most fantastic-seeming episodes of the Bible possible, they are probable—even quite likely. From the Gospels to the Prophets all the way back to the Garden of Eden, you’ll see that Scripture skeptics don’t need a leap of faith to see that the Bible is one of the most historically reliable documents ever written. (And yes, that goes for the Red Sea, too.)

Presenting rigorous scientific research and theory, yet written in a way that’s accessible to the average reader, The Word Set in Stone levels the playing field between those anti-Christians who cling to a caricature of science and the amateur apologist in all of us. The truth of the Bible is not just a matter of faith; it’s elementary.

"Archaeology, like other disciplines, can be interpreted differently and used to promote agendas. Often skeptics use certain misinterpretations of findings to debunk or refute the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. But in this punchy book, Armstrong presents evidence in a clear and astute manner that the archaeological evidence does indeed confirm the words and historicity of Scripture. He pushes back on the skeptics and hits on some of the most heated topics, demonstrating that archaeology is actually a bedrock of confirmation. History and archaeology do not contradict the written Word, though many wish they did. Armstrong presents convincing arguments to assure novice and scholar alike that Scripture is accurate, from every discipline by which it is analyzed."  - Steve Ray, Apologist and Author of Crossing the Tiber

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