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Catholic Answers Magazine- September/October 2013 Issue (E-Magazine)

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In this issue:

  • The Perils of Superstition by Trent Horn – Astrology, horoscopes, mediums -- harmless fun? Believers can't afford to be deceived by superstitious beliefs that can potentially lead us away from Christ.
  • The Blessed Virgin's Guide To Modesty by Michelle Arnold – Nothing stirs a ruckus in cyberspace than discussions of modesty. But how should we dress? The author suggest some heavenly sources of guidance.
  • What's Really Going On In The Book Of James? by Jimmy Akin –It has often been thought that James is criticizing and contradicting St. Paul's Epistles. But a close look at the text -- and at how the book came to be -- suggests something else.
  • Why The Church Doesn't Ordain Women by Kenneth D. Whitehead – Many Catholics still don't understand that women simply cannot be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood. Here are the reasons why.
  • And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.
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