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Catholic Answers Magazine - January/February 2017 Issue (E-Magazine)

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In this issue:

  • Made In His Image And Likeness by Kenneth Hensley -- Since the knowledge of God etched on the heart of every human, more than instructing the atheist, evangelizing him means reminding him of what he already knows.
  • What Every Protestant Can't Not Know by Matt Nelson -- History testifies that the early church was the Catholic Church. The author shows from the writings of the Church Fathers why “to be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.”
  • God Knows What I'm Going To Do by Karlo Broussard -- If God knows the future, he knows what choices I will make. So how can I be said to have free will? The author shows how one does not preclude the other.
  • Salvific Offerings For The Dead by Brian Dvorak -- Does the soul’s particular judgment immediately after death mean our prayers are useless for someone we fear may not be saved? No so, argues the author.
  • And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.
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